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Javin is a company, We all love video games and grew a passion for it, so we made Javin, it was originally a wallpaper company, but we changed the main premise to a Game Studio, Javin isnt the game studio however, its a parent company for Almex, Almex is a company we made as a Game Studio, everyone that is employed to Javin is employed to Almex.

The Staff includes

Founders: Lice And Skillz

Game Design: Fire-Monkey, Coffee Guy

Art and Design: Nile, Reatend, Magictulip

Website Design: Peppermint​

Merchandise Design: Leaves

Back Office Manager: Pixey

Drawing Inc: Seen M

Ideas: Everyone

Chief Ideas Manager: Leaves

Chief Marketing: TheManOfTheWorld

With all of these amazing people which makes up our staff, we are all making a video game for Almex, Side Runner,

Learn more about Side Runners at

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