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Almex is a child company to Javin, Almex is a Game Studio, currently in production of its first game, Side Runner.

Almex is also a company who makes Video Games and donates 15% of the money they make to charity, the rest goes to making better updates, or producing merch which also gives 15% of the money to charity.

Almex's employees are all employees of Javin, which includes 4 people.

Side runner


Side Runner

Side Runner is a 3D Shooter, there are 2 teams, Goliath And Dawn, the 2 teams are tech companies who manufacture guard robots, guard robots are supposed to protect people, but 1 day in the Dawn Factory, Guard Robots from Goliath attacked, they were supposed to protect Goliath, but the CEO of Goliath coded it so the robot would think that Dawn was always attacking Goliath, with the battles of the bots, the people of Sidetopia had to evacuate, they made many militias who would help Dawn, but Goliath hired mercenaries to help them win the battles, who will win? Find out in Side Runner